Floral Jewellery

We love the stunning floral jewellery range. Our floral range is made filigree in style, with an earthy look, with a nice deep finish, ensuring its strength. There are few filigree rings in the market place with a finish as superior as the ranges we carefully choose. We have commissioned these designs in white, yellow and rose golds. Plus, we also make them in platinum set with diamond throughout. These elegant rings work incredibly well for those whom don't want a traditional engagement ring. These rings have been made as stand alone pieces but also work well as wedding bands.

We have commissioned a number of floral rings with special requests; instead of diamonds we can utilise ruby for example. Therefore, working with you we create a highly personalised ring using a number of different gemstones.

We look forward to discussing your needs, working alongside you to create a personalised floral ring.


For more information or to arrange a viewing in our Brighton shop please don't hesitate to contact us.