Engagement Rings


Historians believe the use of an engagement ring originated in ancient Rome. Supposedly, a woman wore a ring attached to a key indicating their husbands ownership. It's also said the practice of wearing a ring on the third finger dates back to ancient Egypt. This is because the Egyptians believed the vena amoris nerve connects directly to the heart. However, the first clear record of a diamond engagement ring being presented was in 1477 when an Austrian Duke commissioned one for Mary of Burgundy. Today, the purchase, presentation and adornment of an engagement ring is still highly significant. Therefore, taking such a history into account, we can see how important and symbolic the buying of an engagement ring is.

Kellerwood Jewellers Engagement Rings

Kellerwood Jewellers engagement rings are selected for the quality, design and finish. We have supplied diamond engagement rings in the Lanes Brighton for 30 years. Kellerwood Jewellers have built a reputation for spending time with you imparting our knowledge to help educate on the intricacies of diamond buying.

The images on this page are just a few of a larger selection of engagement rings we commission. Working with you we design bespoke mounts and order diamonds in a range of sizes, colours and clarity gradings. Furthermore we create the rings in a range of metals such as platinum, white, yellow, rose gold and palladium. We utilise a mixture of local workshops and global sources.


As an alternative, if you love colour, we also provide a large range of coloured gemstones such as Sapphire. So, please don't hesitate to ask about our fantastic selection of Sapphire, Ruby and Aquamarine.

We look forward to discussing your needs and creating your ideal diamond or coloured gemstone engagement ring.

For more information or to arrange to see and try on any of the rings and jewellery shown on these pages, please feel free to contact us.